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Sell your handmade crafts to users around the world through imacocokara.

Join Imacocokara Marketplace and make world happier place with your creative items!

Low commission fee

It is not difficult for you to have your own shop.
Our sales commission fee is only 5%!

Various Tools

We provide powerful tool for you.You can use your precious time efficiently with our tool to manage, to advertise, and to grow your business.

Support & Service

Support your business with our various handbooks, FAQs, forums, and transaction service to solve your problems. Use our services for successful business!


All systems are readable both in native Japanese and English. It will expand your business into a new world.

Community, Connect with others

Create and join community to connect with others. There is so many group and forum community matched your lifestyle. Community also can share with SNS.

Manage with all devices

Manageable with PC, Tablet, and cell phone devices.  You can manage your orders, items, and respond to your customers.

Commission plan to choose

No Opening and Listing fees
Once purchased, there is a commission fee based on your choice* and PayPal payment processing fee.

※Commission fee may differ based on change in the currency exchange rates if your bank’s currency is not Japanese Yen.
※Crafter plan takes system fee of 1,000 JPY ¥/month as well with or without transaction.
※Top crafter plan takes ONLY system fee of 4,000 JPY/month with or without transaction.
System fee
3% + 1,000JPY/Month
System fee
Top Crafter
System fee


Paypal Fee
Payment Processing

How to choose Commission Plan

What is the best Commission for you?
Commission fee is important for every crafter.            Select best plan for yourself.

If average sales are less than 50,000JPY/month

If average sales are 50,000JPY ~ 100,000JPY/month

If average sales are over 100,000JPY/month

Powerful and Effective Tool

We provide various tools to make it easy to manage, promote, grow your business for beginner and professional owner. Let’s use it wisely!

Analytics to improve your sales

Analytic tool is powerful tool to support your business.
You can manage and analyze your sales with no time.

Promotion for increase access to your shop

Promote your items widely.
Share your items through group and social media.
It is your chance to meet your new customers!

Native Translation template

With translation tool you can quickly globalize your business.
It is easy to make your page both in Japanese and English by yourself.

Safe and smooth payments

Manage payment processing with PayPay for safe and easy transaction for your customer.