Privacy Policy

imacocokara handmade marketplace care privacy seriously including how we treat your personal information. With following privacy policy, we will collect and use member’s personal informations, and provide and disclose the information to third-parties. By visiting our site or using our service, you consent to our privacy policy. This policy is part of the Terms of Use. By visiting or using our site, you consent to our private policy and Terms of Use as described in this policy. This policy applies to imacocokara handmade marketplace website, apps, and services. We are not responsible for content or the privacy policies of any our members, websites hosted by the site, third-party websites, or apps. 1, Personal information a. Latest information such as registered personal name, login ID, password, nickname, home address, email address, phone number, gender, date of birth, credit card information, bank account information of members in order to verify your identity. b. Member’s service usage, date of use, usage frequency, and usage history information. c. Payment status information which related with membership use. 2, purpose of use imacocokara handmade marketplace use information that we gather for following purposes. We will not disclose your personal information to third parties except as specified in “Provide/disclose to third parties”. a. To inform transaction status, or important matter b. To confirm or deliver the item or service c. To send information about email distribution services and for its confirmation. d. To provide and confirm registered service. e. For payment and payment confirmation of various of services. f. To send or deliver a reward or gift of campaign or survey. g. For the troubleshooting on site management h. To investigate for improving contents or services. i. To publicize survey results of statistically processed personal informations. j. To improve and develop services based on usage status. k. To inform various of services. l. To report the results of surveys, events announce, and participation requests. m. To inform the survey results and valuable information by understanding the usage of services and items. n. To inform the information about service failure of services and maintenance information such as technical support. o. To provide personal information to third parties with your consent in advance regarding providing our services. p. The purpose you agreed on the Term of Use to start our services. ※ Please extra careful handling your personal information in each service you decided to use with our site. 3, collection and receiving imacocokara handmade marketplace may collect or receive your personal information to use our sites and services as follow. a. Receive your personal information from yourself through our website. b. Collect your information from yourself by email, mail, writing, phone, fax etc. c. imacocokara handmade marketplace may receives and records information about email arriving or opening if your device or Apps has confirm function. If you would not like to share that information, you may stop the function through the setting on device or Apps. d. We may collect your usage histories. This include URL browser, device type, and IP address. 4, Disclosures and provided to third parties We will not provide or disclose your personal information to third parties except permitted to do so by law. a. Provide or share the informations when imacocokara handmade marketplace determined to be necessary for providing our services. imacocokara handmade marketplace may release your personal information such as name, address, and phone number to the seller due to the transaction. Seller forbid to use buyers personal information other than transaction purpose, or provide information to third parties without buyer’s consent. In addition, member’s usage history and publicly displayed informations are posted on our site with your username under our policy and period. b. entrusted to subcontractors In some cases, imacocokara handmade marketplace outsource a business (such as personal information handling, provide information, campaign, and research) to a reliable and contracted subcontractor. In this case, we may outsource personal information to relevant subcontractor with minimum range of requirement under strict condition. c. commission and provide to cooperation companies and partners We may connect cooperative relation and tie-up relation to the company which have reliance and secrecy agreements. In this case, we may provide or consign to the cooperate companies and partners with minimum personal information under strict conditions. d. Reference to a credit card company other financial institutions imacocokara handmade marketplace inquire informations such as credit card number, member’s names, to credit company or financial institute for settlement of transaction on our website services. e. Due to the transfer of the business imacocokara handmade marketplace may choose to sell or marge our business. In that case, member information is typically one of the business assets that is transferred to the third parties on condition following equivalent to handling regulation. f. Provide by court order imacocokara handmade marketplace release your personal information when we were told to release by courts, administrative agencies, regulatory agencies and other public institutions except we have logical reason to refuse. g. Dispute settlement with a third party imacocokara handmade marketplace will release your information when we believe it is necessary to solve troubles caused by our members. Also we may release them to protect member’s rights and third party’s rights. 5, Management imacocokara handmade marketplace will try very hard to protect member’s personal informations from unauthorized access, lost, and tampering. imacocokara handmade marketplace may consign personal information handling to third parties which we trusted and signed a contract. In this case, your personal information will be protected by imacocokara handmade marketplace privacy policy. 6, Cookies We may receives, records and use information from your computer device identifier, “cookies”. This information helps us to analyze and understand your interests and provide more personalized contents or adds for you. You can configure your browser’s setting to reflect your preference to accept or reject cookies. You may not be used this services if you rejected cookies. Plug-ins to outside social sites also may collect information about your use of the site. For example, when you load a page on imacocokara handmade marketplace that has a social plug-in from a outside social site service, such as “like” or “send” button, you’re also loading content from the outside social site. That site can request cookies directly from your browser. These interactions are subject to the privacy policy of the outside social site. Also certain cookies and other tracking mechanisms on imacocokara handmade marketplace are used by outside site for targeted online marketing and other purposes. These technologies allow a partner to recognize your computer or mobile device each time you visit imacocokara handmade marketplace, but do not allow access to personal information from imacocokara handmade marketplace. imacocokara handmade marketplace does not have access or control over these outside site technologies, and they are not covered by our private policy. If you prefer to prevent outside sites from setting and accessing cookies on your computer, you can set your browser to block cookies. Also you can opt out of the use of cookies by Google analytics. You may remove yourself from interest-based advertising of companies participating in Digital Advertising Alliance program by blocking. 7, Disclaimer a. imacocokara handmade marketplace will not take any responsibility for a privacy policy of other business or personal website linked our site webpages. Please browse and use confirming the contents of the website with self-responsibility. b. If we believe the protection is necessary, imacocokara handmade marketplace encrypts sensitive information using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect the personal information from unauthorized access. Registration on this site with SSL non-compliant browser, and providing account information with application, there is a risk of bribe, monitored by third-parties during arrival process to imacocokara handmade marketplace. To understand the seriousness of this matter, you can use these options of followings. 8, change or review your personal information You may review and change your information in your account setting, or you may remove partial information. You may change or correct your information from your active “my page”. 9, change of privacy policy imacocokara handmade marketplace will change or update our Private Policy without advance notice. We will communicate when we make changes to our Private Policy as described below. a. Posting the changes on the site b. Notified by email or private message about changes Changes will be effective upon the posting of the changes. Members are responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any changes. Your use of site following the changes constitutes your acceptance of the updated policy. Last updated: 2016/06/21